Meet Our People

We know each other by name and support each other in striving for the best. Meet some of our team.

Sean Leonard

Chief Executive Officer

I graduated from Providence College in Rhode Island with a degree in Marketing. I always had interest in trends and human behavior. Passing on a career in advertising, I decided to join a manufacturing company in Mexico, where I interned the summer prior to graduating. It was there I learned how products were made. A few years later, I ended up joining the equity group who purchased the Mexican manufacturing company. It was there that I learned how to negotiate and financing the purchase of companies.

Around 1999, I was looking to invest in the kitchenware industry and an investment banker pitched me a Philadelphia based company. After meeting with management, it was clear it was an opportunity to invest in a great company. Relatively soon after, an issue arose needing my direct attention onsite. And the rest is history! I’ve been serving as CEO ever since and have acquired many reputable brands under the Fox Run Brands name. I’m incredibly proud of how we’ve managed to improve an already great company while successfully adapting to the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

Fox Run Brands was born from a “can-do” attitude, and we’re a company that has continued its culture of collaboration, driving innovation, and quality craftsmanship for over 40 years. We strive for growth, both as a leading international supplier and in the people to whom we owe our success.

I’m proud to say that we have been able to adapt to the evolving landscape of the digital age. More than that though, to be able to design and develop new brands in-house proves that we’re a strong company. We’ve recently embarked on an aggressive product development campaign and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Acquiring quality brands is great, but to create them from scratch as well is a whole other level. #ownitrightnow

Owen Leonard


Originally an Economics/Psychology double-major at Georgetown University, I knew following graduation that I wanted to be in business, but not of the Wall Street variety that many of my friends were heading towards. My two main choices at the time were pharmaceutical sales at a Fortune 500 company or learning business at a grass roots level via a smaller company. I chose the latter and haven’t looked back since. Although I started out in a sales and marketing capacity including trade shows, cold-calling smaller customers and analyzing our overall sales/market trends, I was given more responsibility in operations. There I was able to jump in on some of the early struggles we had with the implementation of our new (at the time) operating system. I learned much about international business, including the process of setting up a wholly owned subsidiary with a focus on manufacturing, buying and logistics. I made it a point to continue maintaining a lot of interaction with the sales team related to major accounts, keeping me squarely in the loop on what the company was doing from a sales and marketing perspective.

As with life, my career at Fox Run has come full circle and I now spend most of my time on sales and marketing activities, helping to oversee our teams in the US and Canada. At the same time, I have retained my “operational hat” and help to oversee purchasing, customer service and warehousing. I interact with customers, help manage sales related processes, including our sales training program, and assist in analyzing our business trends. While I help to set strategy at a global level, I recognize that working at a small company means I have to get involved in the details as well to ensure things flow smoothly. While working at Fox Run, I decided to go back to school on weekends for my MBA from Columbia University – which has kept me on my toes, thinking of new and better ways to grow the company well into the future! #ownitrightnow


Senior Director of Human Resources & Operations

I entered the field of Human Resources while I was in high school, and aspired to be a lawyer. Although I pursued Pre-Law at Widener University, I ended up working in and developing a passion for Human Resources. This led me to not to apply for Law School. With a Bachelor’s degree and continued experience with Human Resources, I began working for a major grocery chain. Shortly after, I took an HR Coordinator position with a large healthcare company.

For several years I managed their entire onboarding and performance management process. I obtained my Professional in Human Resources Certification in 2013. This led me to a new opportunity with an international company as Site Human Resources Manager. I was brought into various Fortune 500 companies where I managed their Manufacturing and Logistics sites from a staffing perspective.

Working in Corporate had its strong points but I wasn’t fulfilled with my work. It was not a personalized experience and I started having mixed feelings about my role. Making the change from corporate to a small company was a serious concern of mine.

With Fox Run Brands, I saw opportunity. The opportunity to make an impact in a huge way. Fox Run Brands is a global company but still has the feel of something much smaller. A month into my new role I knew I had made the right decision by making the switch out of Corporate, and have not looked back since.

This position has allowed me to rebuild our entire Human Resources Department and make it “my own”. I revamped Fox Run Brands into a best-in-class Human Resources Department, pulling from my education and the best-practices from each of my prior positions. In 2015 I was nominated for “HR Rising Star of the Year” in the Greater Philadelphia Area for my accomplishments. The HR Department won the 2016 HR Department of the Year Award for the Greater Philadelphia Area. In 2016 I earned my Masters Degree from Villanova University in Human Resource Development.  I find my role to be positively challenging and fulfilling. It was everything I was looking for in my next position. #ownitrightnow




My background includes product development, logo design, apparel design, sales/marketing collateral, advertising, packaging, and merchandising display design. I have focused on brand management and, more specifically, the delivery of designs consistent with a brand’s focus – ensuring that the intended message is communicated to the targeted audience. After graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I started my career as a production artist for a design agency specializing in food packaging. Each position I have held since then has granted me the experience and knowledge that led me to my current position as Art Director at Fox Run Brands.

I chose Fox Run Brands because I wanted to be a part of the exciting process of launching new brands, as well as further developing existing ones. During this process, I get to be involved in a variety of areas of the business. I also have the opportunity to be a part of positive change every day at Fox Run!

Working at Fox Run Brands has allowed me to advance from within the company. I started out as a Graphic Designer, moved to Senior Designer, and am now currently leading a team of designers as the Art Director. Together our team implements change, rebrands existing lines, and launches new brands. #ownitrightnow

Jim MC Anally


When I was probably 12 or 13 years old my mom worked part-time, hand-bending and soldering cookie cutters. I remember helping bend cookie cutters at home and getting paid $0.02 cents each. This continued until I was about 17 when the owner of Fox Run Craftsmen asked me to come work in the factory. They had a cutter called a shape-a-cake. A tough to bend, heavy gauge material. They were having a hard time keeping up with production and needed people to make them. We had a group of about four or five guys being paid by the piece to bend these cutters in-house. It taught me at a young age that the harder/faster I worked the more money I could make. As the company grew, they started designing machines to replace the hand-bending. So, I moved into making some of our sheet-metal items such as cookie sheets, french bread pans, etc. We also assembled wood rolling pins and corn holders, packaged cupcake papers, and made wooden display fixtures.

As sales continued to grow, the owner moved me from production to the distribution side. We outgrew three or four warehouses and kept moving into larger buildings, eventually settling into the 100,000 square-foot building we are in today. The owner recognized the people that worked hard and believed in promotion from within. I worked as a driver picking up and delivering, as an order picker, a packer, shipper and pretty much every job in the warehouse including supervisor. Currently I am serve as Production Manager, heading our US and Canada warehouses.

Our company slogan today is #ownitrightnow. Looking back, I realized that “owning it right now” is the main reason I am in the position I am with this company today. When I started full-time with the company 36 years ago, we were a very small operation with only eight to ten people. Being that small you had to own many jobs in the warehouse. There weren’t many people to ask for help on how to fix something, or how to lay out the warehouse, or which carrier is best to use, who can help manufacture our items, etc. We were growing so fast and we just needed to make it happen. It is hard to believe I have been doing this for 36 years. #ownitrightnow



My journey with Fox Run Brands began in 1998 at Ribble Production in 1998, a company owned by Fox Run. I worked in the assembly lines welding cookie cutters and supervising employees.

Upon returning from maternity leave in 2001, I was asked to move to Fox Run as a Customer Service Representative. I gladly accepted the challenge. Being a quick learner and having a competent trainer helped me to fit into the department. This was the beginning of my career at Fox Run Brands. I didn’t choose Fox Run Brands, rather they chose me and I am so thankful for the opportunity. I had no prior experience in the field but took pride in my work and made sure my customers were taken care of in all aspects.

Understanding the importance of teamwork and communication, I helped the Customer Service department evolve and was promoted to Supervisor.

I transitioned to the Information Technology department in 2006, where I was asked to serve as EDI Coordinator. Currently, I am the IT Project Manager overseeing operations and managing the logistics of the department. It’s a pleasure to manage our ERP software, ensuring smooth-running operations of our system and the success of new projects and initiatives. Whatever title my role may take, I never hesitate to accept responsibility and grasp the opportunity provided at Fox Run Brands. I owe much of my success to all of their support, cooperation and understanding. #ownitrightnow



Fox Run has kept my career challenging and interesting for 20 years. In 1995, I was presented with the opportunity to work with our USA offices in taking on the challenge of opening a Fox Run branch in Canada. Starting with only four staff members, we took Fox Run Canada from a company with no office furniture, inventory or staff, and turned it into a major player in the Canadian houseware industry.

Just as Fox Run Canada has evolved over the years, so too has my career. Fox Run has provided to me many different positions within the company. With each new challenge they have been supportive of my ideas and suggestions, allowing me to own and implement my decisions.

There are several reasons why Fox Run Canada has become successful in the Canadian market, one of which is the commitment, ownership and engagement of our employees. I have had the opportunity to work with many fabulous people that make this company successful. From administration, warehouse and sales reps, to suppliers and our USA offices – our employees are passionate about seeing our products’ success in the marketplace and making our customers happy.

I am proud to say that I have been at Fox Run Canada since its inception, and am happy to have had the opportunity to be a leader within the organization. #ownitrightnow